In our daily lives,
light rhymes with technology.

We aspire to give shape to the future of lighting with technology to provide smart solutions enhancing people’s life and nature.

Design and technology are the main elements we use to achieve higher performance. We produce long – lasting products resistant to environmental conditions, physical impacts and chemical factors.

Shaping the future thrulight​

The designed potential is realized into perfection with automated manufacturing techniques and advanced level of performance tests. We are always working hard to achieve the best performance possible in our products. We are proud of our team of engineers and their valuable work. Every day it’s a motive for everyone to put a brick in the wall.

Why and how can be the cities smart?

Smart city is common heard recently but what does it mean for us? Let’s say it first; yes you can connect to Wi – Fi to surf through your favorite applications such as Instagram. However, there is more to it. The management of huge metropolitans is being made possible via smart city applications.

Actually, it is inevitable because resources are limited. As humankind, we need to find wise solutions to survive. Increasing population pushes us to be more creative. Thus, we had to combine ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to monitor big data and manage the efficient use of resources and energy. Collaterally, this kind of technology uses advanced networking

systems which also allows integrating side benefits through applications. Smart city is your home enlarging to outdoor spaces. It’s all about making things possible. As the lighting company, we are truly delighted to introduce you to our take on smart cities. After all, what Superior city infrastructure out there than lighting poles and fixtures to embody this unique technology?

Excellent LED technology MILESTONE®

HEPER’s patented Milestone® LED Module is an outcome of HEPER’s quest for excellence, incorporating years of multi – disciplinary engineering work. Instead of using the standard PCB+LED chip+lens combination, we wanted to think outside the box to achieve a more optimized light distribution. That led us to align the LED chips upwards resulting with an indirect lighting concept. Thanks to its modularity along with its optical excellence, Milestone® LED Module is a state of the art light source.

Quality & Safety

Quality and safety are among the main keystones of HEPER’s DNA. As the leading lighting company, we embrace the customer-centric approach with the belief that quality is an uncompromisable element in all our processes. This knowledge leads to the continuous improvement of our products.

HEPER Testing Laboratory is equipped to clear the way for the highest quality of lighting luminaire with modern design as well as the use of product safety and performance characteristics. The laboratory is also one of the outstanding laboratories to adhere to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for the safety and performance testing of lighting luminaires and to get Optical-Radiation Test System and Aging-Life Time Test System for the light source and lighting luminaires. HEPER Testing Laboratory works towards finding high quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for high-end lighting luminaires.

Shaping the future thrulight​

We are proud of our team of engineers and their valuable work. Every day it’s a motive for everyone to put a brick in the wall.

(C Type)

It is used to measure the intensity of light leaving a luminaire at various vertical and horizontal angles. From this information, the photometric light distribution of the luminaire is derived, and quantities such as total lumen output, luminaire luminance, zonal lumen summary and other information that is included in a photometric report can be computed.


As the technology and performance of LEDs have progressed, there are increasing concerns regarding optical radiation produced by LEDs, and the potential exposure risks to humans. Therefore, we apply the necessary testing against blue light hazard in our lighting fixtures.

Humidity Test
It is used for testing to simulate various different types of materials for their tolerances of heat, cold, dry and humidity and the world climates.
Ulbricht Sphere (Integrating Sphere), in diameter of 2 meters and in diameter of 0.3m, gives the opportunity to measure spectral measurements, CCT (Correlated color temperature), CRI (color rendering index), wavelength, color ratios and lumen value measurements of light sources.
Aging Life
Test System
It is used for normal/accelerated aging, lumen maintenance measuring, lifetime evaluation, and temperature characteristic testing for LED packages, arrays, and modules. It fully meets the requirements of standard IES LM-80 and another related standard.
Light Transmittance and Haze Tester is the best suitable instrument for evaluation of light transmitting and light scattering properties of transparent materials. The transmittance of an object or instance of material measures its effective transmission, given as a ratio of the total amount of light or electromagnetic radiation that is transmitted compared to the whole amount incident upon it.
Optical Raditation
Test System

The system is used for the measurement of spectral power distribution, radiance, irradiance, radiation exposure, specific effective radiant ultraviolet energy (mW / klm), illuminance, apparent source size, color temperature, color coordinates, color rendering index, SDCM and other parameters.

Corrosion Test
(Salt Spray Test)
Stimulate the actual natural conditions to do accelerated corrosion test; all the testing are based on common states on the natural environment: such as combined with salt spray, hot air drying, humidity, low temperature, etc.
Testing electrical and electronic products for electrical safety is intended to identify the potential risk of electrical shock to users. Evaluating a product for electrical safety usually includes the following tests: high voltage test (dielectric withstand test), leakage current test, insulation resistance test, ground continuity test.
(Ingress Protection)
Classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.
This method is used to test and assess the fire hazard presented by a plastic material using a needle flame.
Glow Wire
This test is an electrical safety test designed to evaluate the flame resistant properties of plastic materials used in electrical devices. Its purpose is to protect against the risk of fire from overheated or electrically energized parts which may cause the plastic material to ignite.
This method is used to assess the susceptibility to the tracking of insulating materials that are exposed to high voltages outdoors.


As HEPER, we believe success is not a solo act. Lighting is a multidisciplinary sector in which many professionals collaborate. To develop astonishing results, we seek opportunities for collaborations with reputable institutes, universities, and designers all over the world.

Come by and join us to bring the most ambitious projects into life through light. It is always an exciting and fun process to work with our dynamic team and we would love to accommodate your inspiring ideas.

BMW & HEPER ‘Light and Charge’ Project

Light and Charge is a significant step for our future. BMW and HEPER’s engineers developed an extraordinary lighting fixture by working together. The new generation of electric cars will be able to be charged by charge sockets as these lighting fixtures are illuminating the streets.

To learn more information about HEPER lighting technology and collaboration