Terms of sales

The buyer has confirmed and promised not to renounce to buy the goods mentioned in the order form.

In case of any delay of the payments included in the payment plan, payments coming after that will be mature as well.

In case of a delay in the payment 5% monthly default interest will be charged and if the default interest is not paid in three months, they will be added in to the capital.

The default interest’s percentage will be 6% if the delay in payment is more than three months.

In case the goods are prepared by the seller and not received by the buyer within three days from the date of the notification of the seller, the buyer hereby declares accepts and undertakes that shall immediately and defiantly pay the storage cost at the first request of the seller at the rate of % 0.3 from the gross total for each day delayed.

The venued courts are Ankara courts and enforcement offices for the controversies or termination of the present contract.