LED Spot Flood Lights

LED Spot Flood Lights

Floodlighting has become an important part of security for both homes and businesses. Homeowners and businesses have enough to cope with these difficult economic times without having to worry about replacing floodlights. Therefore, LED spot floodlights not only provide the customer with an outstanding light distribution, but also offer an advantage that is only available when you use LED spot floodlights.

One of the best advantages of using LED floodlights is its life expectancy; they last thirty times longer than standard halogen floodlights. This offers several advantages: you don’t have to stock up on replacement halogen bulbs, so you have more free space. In addition, the main power involved in replacing defective halogen bulbs can be time consuming and expensive, especially if it manages a business that requires the use of a floodlight. Therefore, buying LED floodlights is quite cost effective for the customer. LED floodlights meet your investment with a longer life and an extraordinary reduction in electricity costs.

With increasing service prices, everyone wants to save money. By switching to an LED spot floodlight, customers will see a reduction in electricity consumption and bills in return. LED Floodlight provides the customer with outstanding visual performance and low cost electricity bills by consuming a significantly reduced wattage compared to halogen Floodlight. LED Floodlights have economical lighting technology. This technology is also known as Light Emitting Diode (LED); this ensures exceptional brightness with low power consumption.

LED spot floodlights have a higher lumen output than standard Floodlights. One LED Floodlight can have the same effect as two or three standard Floodlights. This is an amazing statistic, and with a long life expectancy and exceptional brightness, it means less space is needed to store your existing halogen equivalent floodlights. It also means now that security for your home and business is now available and most importantly cost-effective.

When looking for floodlights for outdoor use, it is important to note that they are IP65 rated. This means they are designed and tested to withstand weather conditions and are safe for outdoor use. This special note of IP65 should not be ignored as it is necessary for the performance of light when used outdoors.