DOGO and DRAGO are from HEPER’s exterior architectural line.They are powered by the same optics but they differentiate from one another with their application areas. While DOGO is a surface-mount product that can be used in various surface illumination applications, DRAGO is the bollard version providing pathway and entranceway lighting.

With their controlled linear light characteristics, they provide either forward (Type IV) and side (Type II) light distribution for variety of applications. Equipped with HEPER’s precisely engineered multi-faceted DYNO reflectors, DOGO and DRAGO family deliver an ideal lighting without streaks and striations. 


DOGO family is adaptable for different application types as they are suitable for different uses in architectural lighting. When they are placed on to wall, they enlighten the floor surface. Or they can be placed upside down on a wall to provide ceiling-wash. They can even be used as a wall-washer when they are mounted on to horizontal surfaces. Thanks to its small size, DOGO Family can also be ADA compliant.


DRAGO is basically the bollard version of DOGO with an extrusion body. With its minimalistic design and optimized light distribution, DRAGO bollard family is a noteworthy concept to complement different range of projects. While DRAGO Forward is a great product for illuminating entrances and landscape areas, DRAGO Side with its side throw, is a preferable bollard to illuminate narrow paths such as walkways. Both bollards achieve their goals while fully preventing glare!

Optimal Uniformity and Maximized Spacing 

The IES Progress Committee recognizes HEPER’s DRAGO Bollard as a unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting.

DYNO optical system is being utilized in DOGO and DRAGO luminaires. It has unique optical design with special micro-faceted reflector technology to ensure beam control with optimized cut-off.

1 to 6 light distribution ratio of the DYNO module makes it possible to maximize the spacing of the bollard. With optimized light distribution; up light, stray light and overall light pollution is prevented.

Thanks to its DYNO optical module, the light distribution is special for DOGO and DRAGO family. Light coming out of the reflector is directed linearly with optimized finish. Getting rid of the stray light due to shell type small reflectors, light is laid out longitudinally with utmost uniformity without any spot effect. Moreover, since there is no direct eye contact with the light source, glare is not a problem.