Flexible Floodlight Family with Extreme Power

Multiple sizes, flexible optics and high-power light output options make the REGIO family stand out for the illumination tasks for public areas, sports arenas, and airport aprons.

  • - Glare management with special lens system
  • - 6 different beam angle options
  • - +45°/-45° vertically adjustable with aim locking set screw allowing fine-tuning
  • - Each part can be set to a different tilt angle separately
  • - Easy installation and maintenance with modular structure
IK08IP66Class I
Very narrow - NEMA Type 1
[VN] Very narrow - NEMA Type 1
Narrow - NEMA Type 2
[N] Narrow - NEMA Type 2
Medium narrow - NEMA Type 3
[MN] Medium narrow - NEMA Type 3
Wide - NEMA Type 6
[W] Wide - NEMA Type 6
Asymmetric, 15°x40°
[ASYM-15x40] Asymmetric, 15°x40°
Asymmetric, 60°x65°
[ASYM-60x65] Asymmetric, 60°x65°