At HEPER, our philosophy revolves around the importance of the right use of light.

We believe in the concept of “less is more” when it comes to utilizing artificial light sources.

As a lighting manufacturer, despite being utterly passionate about the value light adds to human lives and social dynamics, we also fully grasp that these benefits are for humans primarily. In line with this belief we took on the mission to constantly develop efficient lighting technologies starting with optics. When we talk about efficiency we mean directing the right amount of light in the right direction. Over the years we developed unique optical technologies that control the light in the best way possible, allowing us to send it where it needs to be and no place else. By preventing uplight and minimizing stray light, every Heper luminaire comes equipped with optical technologies that truly bring environmental wellness to the forefront. Another element we are passionate about is how lighting impacts the quality of life for human beings. Lighting plays an undeniable role in our every day life. From the basic needs such as safety to the stimulation of complex feelings through unique lighting design. We also believe the level of impact it possesses is proportional to the quality of light. That is why we will always work relentlessly to offer products with exquisite optics, optimal light distribution, a high level of uniformity, reduced glare, and tight color consistency. Apart from the optics, every HEPER product is equipped with highend components such as drivers to provide the optimum dimming characteristics while reducing flickering.

In the light of the technological advancements over the years, the products we offer did not only get longer-lasting and more efficient but also smarter.

One of the main benefits of utilizing smart technologies in a broader spectrum will be related to open public spaces. Implementing smart devices will make it possible to collect and use data to enhance public safety, use resources more efficiently, add value to social and environmental sustainability, provide the public with functional services, and so on. Being an existing element in open public spaces, lighting poles and fixtures can be interpreted as standby infrastructure to introduce smart capabilities to modern cities of the world. Each skillful lighting product can be identified as a “node” to transfer data and even cover larger cities. While doing that, they extinguish the need for a secondary infrastructure to house those smart components, paving the way to maintain the architecture and character of beloved cities. Let us give an example to paint a clearer picture. With the implementation of a single HEPER product family, it can be possible to save substantial energy with a smart control system; provide public internet with implemented WAPs; enhance public safety with better lighting, gunshot detectors, and emergency buttons; monitor air pollution with sensors; monitor and minimize light pollution with the utilization of PIR motion sensors and smart dimming capabilities, and so on. Possibilities are indeed endless as we will be continuing to remain in close contact with technological advancements. We are also working hand in hand with leading control systems manufacturers to allow widely used components to be used within HEPER products. As HEPER, we are thrilled to help shape the future and we hope that you are too!


DYNO optical system with special micro-faceted reflector technology, provides various light distribution types with different sizes depending on optical center differences and it ensures longitudinal glare control with optimized cut-off. Forward through distribution allows throwing the light 1x distance in the horizontal position and 6x distances in the vertical position. DYNO is more suitable for UV sensitive environments since it does not emit any UV beams. In addition to excellent uniformity and clarity, surface washing applications with DYNO module results in zero glare for intended purposes due to hidden light source alignment.


HEPER’s HYBRID LED Module; a reflector and a lens combined to make out the perfect beam control with several beam angles and different light distributions. The idea is here to while having the beam control with minimizing the scattering. Redirecting the light twice, HYBRID module achieves to present optimised beam and field angles. This technology is amazing for accent lighting, highlighting objects and surface grazing applications.


HEPER’s patented Milestone is a module with high power LED chips, versatile reflectors that provide uniform light distribution and indirect lighting. Milestone can send the light to wider spaces because of the reflectors and since the light source is under reflectors, there is no direct eye contact with the light source which makes Milestone good at glare management and the ability to align the chips upwards allowed us to handle the heat management problem from a different perspective. Whole heat transfer happens right under the surface, it allows it to work with high performance under all conditions. With its modular design Milestone optical system allows for easy replacement of components and modules. This not only makes maintenance and upgrades simpler but also helps to extend the life cycle of the system, which truly supports our sustainability approach.


HEPER’s AreaFlex (AFX) Module is a highly flexible lens-based optical technology, AFX answers to the needs of complex lighting projects. AFX can be used in different layouts to maintain optical integrity throughout a project and of course, flexible optics give AFX the ability to provide various light distributions in different output levels. With its modular design, AFX optical system allows for easy replacement of components and modules. This not only makes maintenance and upgrades simpler but also helps to extend the life cycle of the system, which truly supports our sustainability approach. Considering all these features, AFX is a total game changer!


The high-quality nature of every HEPER product starts with the materials. The majority of the housings of our products are composed of high corrosionresistant, marine-grade aluminum. Under HEPER’s expertise, different aluminum alloys are turned into die-cast and extruded parts to shape the main body of our lighting fixtures and poles. Aluminum extrusions are lightweight, strong, and highly corrosion-resistant. They also provide excellent thermal management. Aluminum alloys for extrusion are also amongst the most sustainable materials as they can be recycled infinitely with no degradation in properties. Aluminum die-casting alloys are also lightweight, and they possess high dimensional stability for complex part geometries and thin walls. Same as extrusions, die-cast aluminum alloys are also fully recyclable and reusable in production. Apart from aluminum, low copper content stainless steel alloys are also used within the housing of HEPER products. Stainless steel is an excellent option for use in severely corrosive environments, and it is the go-to material for our tunnel and in-ground lighting products. Low carbon content in stainless steel also eliminates carbon precipitation during the welding process. The result is a highly corrosion-resistant and long-lasting product for harsh environments.


Finishing is a vital stage during the manufacturing process as it is related to both the quality and aesthetics of a product. Over the years, we perfected the finish processes for HEPER products to not only look appealing but also help improve our product qualities even further. In addition to 6 standard finish options, most HEPER luminaires can be available in custom finishes at an added minimal cost. Multistage coating is the optimal process for a product with utmost finish quality and durability. Our finishing process is multi-staged. First, Type I (Hexavalent) or Type II (Hex-Free) chromate coating is applied depending on the product’s material characteristics. This process is followed by electrostatic powder coating, which provides the product with its final color and texture. With many standard finish options, HEPER products are as visually appealing as they show excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, impact, and chemical effects.