Mercedes is Lightened By Heper

The Marketing Center of Mercedes Benz Turkey in Istanbul is lightened with Heper’s product Kreis World changes and Heper provides innovative lighting solutions with its visionary perspective and energy for the new World. Kreis is the result of this energy in Heper Moonlight. Kreis as a new generation LED lighting solution provides efficient lighting with low energy losses and high energy output. Kreis has 70w and 4370 lumen optical values. It is in IP65 protection class and weights 4,7 kg.

Kreis is produced with the lighting experience over 20 years. Technical features and design of the product is the latest result of Heper’s innovative design vision. Heper aims to provide with Kreis a lighting solution meeting architectural lighting requirements through an elegant design form with superior technical specifications. Hence, Kreis is a perfect lighting product for the landscape solutions.

The lighting fixture and the pole is produced from 100% recyclable aluminum. Being a eco-friendly material, aluminum is also corrosion-resistant and lightweight; consequently, it is easy to transport. Aluminum with its distinctive surface finish is also preferred to complete the look in landscape areas.

Heper Group with its brand Alcopole is also the pioneer in the sector of aluminum pole production in Turkey. The brand Alcopole meets the aluminum pole needs in home and abroad.