HEPER Moved to a New, Fully Integrated Production and Administration Center!

We are happy to announce that we have established our new production base in Turkey on 12.000 m2 enclosed and 20.000 m2 open area. This new location will be used as a multi-use center including our production facilities, R&D Center and administration offices.

25 years ago, we began our journey of providing design and engineering solutions to improve life #thrulight. Now the journey continues as the road takes us to an exciting, new and fully integrated production and administration facility. Always looking for ways to keep up with change, we are excited to improve our sources and capabilities and take into the future every day.



Increasing our production capacity with our new facility will aid our aim to provide faster service and high-quality products to our partners and customers. 

In addition to the developments in the production facility, the building itself stands out, representing HEPER’ s corporate identity with its modern architectural line. It is a place for our employees to not only work but also to socialise.  



We have also allocated a huge area to our very own HEPER Lighting Academy, which we have established to make a lasting contribution to the lighting industry. Because we believe success is not a solo act. Lighting is a versalite industry in which professionals from many different areas collaborate. To develop astonishing results, we seek opportunities for collaborations with reputable institutes, univerisities and designers all over the world.