Improving Life #thrulight

There is no denying that the invention of electric light was a milestone in human history.

Especially in the sense of changing people’s daily lives and how they are feeling, behaving, and interacting after sundown. In today’s modern world, people are outside more, communicating with one another, feeling safer in stranger environments, having the chance to appreciate beauty at all times, all thanks to lighting.

At Heper, we are constantly inspired by the connection that exists between light and society.

In fact, this inspiration has been the main driving force in our threedecade- long journey of developing high-grade products that enhance people’s lives.

Environmental values are driven by our motto, "Light should only be where it needs to be. If it is anywhere else, it is wasteful and harmful."

In our quest of bringing value adding solutions to society while respecting nature, we vow to continue working relentlessly to create products that will make a difference through design, sustainability and innovation. At HEPER we are dedicated and passionate of a better tomorrow and improving life #thrulight.

"Despite our profound passion for the value that light adds to human lives and social dynamics, we also fully understand that these benefits are primarily for humans. "

In line with this belief, we have taken on the mission to constantly develop efficient lighting technologies, starting with optics. When we refer to efficiency, we mean directing the right amount of light in the right direction.

We believe in the concept of "less is more" when it comes to the utilization of artificial light sources.

This philosophy underscores our commitment to employing lighting solutions that prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and the minimization of light pollution, ensuring that our environments remain harmonious and ecologically balanced.

As a lighting manufacturer,

even though we have a deep enthusiasm for the positive impact light brings to human existence and interactions, we recognize that these advantages primarily concern humans. With this principle in mind, we are dedicated to advancing lighting technologies, beginning with optics, with a focus on optimizing efficiency, ensuring that light is directed appropriately and effectively.

Over the years,

we have developed unique optical technologies that control light in the most effective manner, enabling us to direct it precisely where it is needed and nowhere else. By preventing uplight and minimizing stray light, every HEPER luminaire comes equipped with optical technologies that genuinely prioritize environmental wellness. Another element we are deeply passionate about is how lighting profoundly influences the quality of life for human beings. Lighting plays an undeniable role in our everyday lives, addressing basic needs such as safety and extending to the nuanced simulation of complex emotions through unique lighting design.

We also believe,

that the level of impact lighting possesses is directly proportional to the quality of light.

Therefore, we are committed to working relentlessly to offer products with exquisite optics, optimal light distribution, a high level of uniformity, reduced glare, and tight color consistency. In addition to focusing on optics, every HEPER product is equipped with high-end components such as drivers, ensuring optimal dimming characteristics while minimizing flickering. Our dedication to maintaining high standards in both design and technology underscores our commitment to providing lighting solutions that not only enhance environmental well-being but also contribute to the overall quality of human experiences.

With our in-house lighting lab,

we maintain complete control over our optical development processes, from design to validation. Our active involvement in luminaire production begins with the development processes that define the performance and safety characteristics of our luminaires. This includes improving optical performance as well as ensuring electrical, thermal, and mechanical safety. Equipped with state-of-the-art devices, our light lab enables us to utilize cutting-edge technology in our pursuit of creating the best possible products. Being fully accredited, we have the capability to conduct tests in accordance with IEC, EN, and UL standards within our laboratory. This ensures that our luminaires not only meet but exceed the industry benchmarks for performance and safety, providing our customers with reliable and high-quality lighting solutions.


our commitment to excellence is ingrained in our core values, and our quality approach is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our unwavering dedication to delivering superior lighting solutions is reflected in every step of our process. In choosing HEPER, you choose more than just a lighting solution; you choose a partner dedicated to the highest standards of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that our lighting products not only illuminate public spaces but also illuminate lives with unmatched brilliance and reliability.


we pride ourselves on elevating the art of lighting through our unparalleled prowess in design customization. What sets HEPER apart is our in-house team of skilled designers and engineers, working in tandem to bring your bespoke lighting concepts to life. We understand that each project is a canvas, and our design customization process is a collaborative journey where client ideas and aspirations converge with our technical expertise and creative ingenuity.

HEPER's capabilities and expertise in tunnel lighting are second to none.

HEPER can function as a one-stop shop with its dedicated team to deliver a successfully illuminated tunnel, addressing the complex transportation needs of modern cities. Each tunnel project is handled individually, beginning with design and followed by the right product integration. Exceptionally versatile product capabilities help fine-tune the optics to effectively illuminate different zones of tunnels.

Robust, Safe, Clean

Alcopole is our brand, offering a complete pole solution that is hardwearing & environmentally friendly.

With a steadfast dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions,

we bring our expertise to diverse corners of the world, contributing to the enhancement of infrastructure, lighting, and environmental solutions on an international scale.

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