Commercial Outdoor Led Lighting Fixtures Provide Energy Efficiency

Commercial Outdoor Led Lighting Fixtures Provide Energy Efficiency

Commercial outdoor LED lights quickly outperformed traditional commercial outdoor lights. It is mainly used to illuminate public parks, parking spaces, open spaces, docks, sports fields and other outdoor areas. LED luminaires can produce up to 100,000 hours of intensive and uniform light. commercial exterior led lighting fixtures have become more light sources for commercial lighting applications. In addition, these luminaires increased security and made the areas more inviting.

Commercial outdoor LED lights are very powerful luminaires. Suitable for car galleries, service stations, private or public car parks, walkways, building entrances, building exits, building surrounding areas, streets, warehouses, garages, workshops and other outdoor areas.

They are very flexible in installation and can be used for mounting different mounting types. They are mounted on 10-100 ft high poles and can be used to illuminate screens, signs and other public areas.

The need for energy efficiency, especially in the commercial sector, cannot be ignored. A report released by the US Department of Energy shows that in 2015, this sector consumes approximately 40% of the total nationally consumed lighting electricity. It is not difficult to understand why this is so, commercial and industrial properties need a lot of light, and sometimes the lights are lit even during the day.

The report also states that when energy consumption is ranked by lighting technology, HIDs, which are very popular in the commercial sector, account for 34% of all lighting systems used for lighting that year. However, daily windmill energy costs are pushing the commercial sector from the comfort zone to newer, energy-efficient light sources that combine high-quality lighting, ease of maintenance and versatility in a single package.