Catenary Luminaire Manufacturers in Europe

Catenary luminaire manufacturers in Europe produce catenary street lights by assembling them on a specially designed catenary cable lined up between two support structures. Providing excellent visibility for public areas, catenary luminaires also provide security. The catenary luminaire is an ideal idea for the catenary street light systems of city center streets, parks, plazas and campus squares.

catenary luminaire manufacturers in europe

Features of Catenary Luminaires

The presence of Catenary luminaires as an aesthetic decoration form during the day turns into a functional and ambiance luminaire in the evening. Walking under soft, clean light at night, especially in warm colored light, offers people a great visual experience. Amber-colored catenary luminaires support the ambience and give the urban sky a distinctive night color signature.

Catenary Luminaire Manufacturers in Europe Projects

In catenary lighting, which our company produces under the name of C-Light, the luminaire is combined with a modular system for a unique approach. The catenary luminaire with patented MILESTONE LED module has a design that does not see the light source in order to prevent glare, as well as the indirect light effect provided by reflector technology and homogeneous light distribution with its complicated reflector design.
As a catenary luminaire manufacturer in Europe, Istanbul Bomonti Island project catenary luminaires can examine in detail the use of our product.